Friday, February 10, 2012

6 backyard play spaces for fun and learning

We've looked at Simple Ways for Creating a Backyard for Play and More Ideas for Creating Backyard Play Spaces.

Today let's take a trip around some of the inspiring backyard play spaces from all over the blogosphere.

Each play space has been created simply using easily sourced and natural materials:

1.  Kidscape your Backyard from Hoffman Hoopla

2.  Backyard Makeover: Kid Friendly Play Spaces from Pink and Green Mama

3.  Natural Play Space from The Enchanted Tree

4.  Creating a Natural Playscape from Ceils and Raindrops

5.  More Playscape Reno from The Urban Play Garden

6.  The Natural Factual Garden Corner from Se7en

Like to see more?  Here are some I wrote about in a previous post.

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