Sunday, December 4, 2011

creeks in the preschool playscape

Yesterday I talked about cooling off in our bush creek, just near preschool.

Some lucky ducks actually have creeks IN their preschool.  I'm trying very hard not to be jealous.

Bond Street Kindergarten

"And then there is the river!  It is the meeting of the ways between the playgrounds and dry or wet it is a source of scientific exploration, dramatisation and emotionally satisfying play."

Bond Street Kindergarten Blog

bond street kindergarten
Kensington Gardens Preschool
 A creek meanders through the play area linking the rainwater tank, the sandpit and the frog pond:

Log Water Course via Earthplay:

River Channel at Golden Kids Early Learning Centre

"Our centre community provided a variety of local rocks and stones, shrubs and grasses to recreate a local natural landscape. One of the key features of our river is the reticulating water system, with a submersible pump that conserves the water that we harvest from the nearby playhouse roof. The children can see and hear when the pump comes on and refills the water tank, and also when the water is getting low and we have to conserve it's use."

This man-made creek is in an adventure playground, but I can imagine it in a preschool playscape:

image via Springzaad
Trickle Stream in the Secret Garden at Viewbank Preschool:

Creek Bed with Pump at Montessori School of North Virginia

Creek Bed - Image from Frode Svane via Greenstone Designs

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Do you have a creek bed at your early childhood centre?  
Would you like to share a picture with us?

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