Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the post in which I say thank you

In my normal, everyday non-blogging life I've been trying to take the time to recognise the things I am grateful for.  

In my alternate, nocturnal blogging life I'm grateful for a lot of things too.  Here are just a few:    

Thank you to my top referrers for last month

You couldn't meet a nicer group of bloggers:

Tom from Teacher Tom
Rachelle from Tinkerlab

Thank you to the people I stalk on Pinterest(Shamelessly repining everything they pin):

Gina from Play Based Classroom who pins here
Francine Corry who pins here

Thank you to my It's Playtime buddies:

And of course, thank you to all the It's Playtime contributors each week.  Without all of you it would be an extremely boring read!

Thank you for your comments and messages:

Even after 2 years of blogging I still get the warm fuzzies when someone leaves a lovely comment on the blog or Facebook.

Thank you to all my readers:

Just thinking that I actually have readers gives me a thrill!  Here are the top 10 posts you visited last month:

What are you thankful for in your bloggy world?

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