Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inspiring Playscapes; Kinma School

Our Inspiring Playscapes feature spotlights inspiring outdoor learning environments for young children.  If you missed the first one, hop over here and take a look at the St Leonard's College Early Learning Centre.  


Kinma's outdoor space holds a special place in my heart- it's the site of so many of my boys' childhood adventures.  And to me that is the true measure of a play space - a place where adventures can happen.

Bordered by Garigal National Park, Kinma has a beautiful bushland feel:   

I enlisted the aid of my 7 year old Charlie to take you on a tour of his favorite outdoor spaces.

There is a thriving kitchen garden, where children grow and harvest veggies that are used in their cooking:

A pond full of tadpoles and frogs:

Walk around outside and you will stumble across many child made spaces and places,like this digging patch:

 Or cubbies and shelters built from logs and branches:

Don't forget to look up - you might miss something:

  There are murals:

and sandpits:

An adventure playground:

or two:

Veranda spaces just perfect for all kinds of projects:

There is track leading into the bush - every day you will find at least one class going for a breather, building bases, reading books, holding meetings, paddling in the creek or just playing:

 Charlie gives Kinma's outdoor play space a big thumbs up, what do you think?

If you would like your outdoor play space to feature in Inspiring Playscapes, drop me a line.  

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