Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ideas for a water wall at preschool

With the warmer weather upon us I've been tossing around ways to create a new water wall at preschool.

Water Walls are the perfect way to cool down on hot summer days while experimenting with how water behaves when it is poured, funnelled, piped and dripped.

Water walls are simple to make from reused materials and bits and pieces you have lying around - and its even better if you get the kids in on the act.  Here is some inspiration I've been gathering from clever creative bloggers around the globe:

PVC Pipe construction from Preschool Palace

Plastic bottle water wall from The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Water Wall from Teach Preschool

Complete with handy instructions, from The Family that Birds Together

A combination mud pie kitchen / water wall from Scribbles and Squiggles

Complete with handy tutorial, from Cut out and Keep

Water Wall using peg board from Share and Remember

Water Wall from Greening Sam and Avery

Water Wall from The People Garden

So many ideas it is difficult to know where to start!

Have you created a water wall?  I'd love you to share it with us.

Planning a new water wall
Water wall
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  1. Nice collection! (Thanks for featuring mine-but now I have to add a lot more to it after seeing some of these great ideas!)

  2. Great collection of water wall ideas.