Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How do you organise your loose parts outdoors?

Can you help us to think of ways to organise our loose parts in the playground?  A way that is easily accessible to the kids so they can be independent in their play, but still creates an inviting order and stops the space from looking like a junk yard? 

It doesn't always look like this.  Sometimes it looks like this:

We have so much - logs, planks, pavers, pots, rope, tree cookies - and the kids use them for their play every day so it doesn't work to have it all hidden away in the shed.

Tubs and buckets like these at Stomping In the Mud would work well for the smaller materials:

Or maybe we could hustle up some open shelving similar to this from Teacher Tom:

Or plastic containers from Secret Garden Montessori

Metal bins and baskets for storing materials for the outdoor kitchen, from The Write Start:

Here is an interesting idea I found from I'm a Teacher Get Me Outside Here - storage for smaller loose parts hanging on the back of a shed: 

Or old hanging baskets:

I like this idea for shelving from Cheryl's Child Care:

 So tell me, how do you organise the loose materials in your outdoor playground?

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  1. i found this post today which is such a funnt coincidence because i was just thinking what a total mess my garden was because i tend to let my 2.5 year old play with everything in it including bean poles and gravel and sand and mud and flowers - you get the picture. You have given me some great ways I can keep it a bit tidier but still give him access to stuff. Thanks