Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hammocks at preschool

Preschool has a touch of the 'tropical island resorts' about it at the moment.

There are hammocks swaying gently in the breeze every which way you turn.

It all began when a lovely mum donated some promotional banners.   With the ropes attached at all 4 corners they seemed to me to be perfect to create the roofs of cubby houses.

The kids had other ideas.  Rather than going under, they decided to go up and on.

The banner hammock was born:

Then we hung a real hammock.  Looking out into the playground, the hammock mocks us teachers with visions of lying blissfully and peacefully in the sunshine reading a book.

The kids have no such visions.   Climbing on, rolling around and falling off again are the order of the day:

There are moments though, rare and brief, where you find one or two children using hammocks in the way nature intended:

 If you'd like to add a hammock to your outdoor play space, Prairie Mother shows you how to create one using a flat bed sheet.

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  1. This answered so many questions I've been having on whether I feel comfortable getting my children a hammock or not. It has always been a fear of mine, growing up, my little brother was hurt playing on our family hammock. I think it's about time I get over this fear and let the little ones have what they have been relentlessly begging for. Besides, this will be a great get-away for me on warm summer days I have some time for myself.