Friday, October 7, 2011

the girls build cubbies

Cubby building holds a very special place in our preschool

Since the beginning of the year cubby building has been chiefly the domain of a group of older boys working together to build their police station in various incarnations.

Why weren't the girls getting in on the act?  They happily made their own spaces for play indoors - often by carting everything from one area to another and setting up camp. 

But outdoors - not so much.  Cubby making has so many benefits for young children that we didn't want them to miss out.

While we were scratching our heads and wondering if our outdoors wasn't supporting girls in the same way as it was boys something wonderful happened:

The girls started to build their own cubbies.

They took up residence in the gazebo - previously the sole domain of the police station gang - and started to make it their own:

There has even been cubby building in the bush:

You go girls!  I can't wait to see what you build next term.

Are the girls in your program cubby makers?

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