Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Claire Warden speaking in Australia

Are you familiar with the work of Claire Warden in the field of nature education for young children?

These beautiful words are from her book Nurture through Nature:

Imagine a world where the lines were harsh and unyielding, the textures were consistent and variation is unheard of.  Does it inspire you?

Now image a place where the carpet changes every day, the ceiling is a myriad of different colours, light, shadow and movement. 

The feelings and movement completely surround you, sometimes breezy, sometimes cold, others warm.
Unexpected wonders fly by, sometimes full of colour and somtimes full of noise and movement.

If we really want children to thrive we need to let their connection to nature nurture them.

These beautiful thoughts are from Nurture Through Nature by Claire Warden.

Claire Warden is the author of many books and materials relating to outdoor play in early childhood education.  Claire also founded both the Whistlebrae Nature Kindergarten and Auchlone Nature Kindergarten. 

Claire also has a new blog - and don't we all love a good blog - called Inspirational Early Childhood Education.

The good news is that if you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth you can hear Claire speak about her approach to nature education at the Educating in Nature: Inside, Outside and Beyond - bush, beach, outback creek Conference in November.

You book your tickets here.  I'm going to the one in Sydney - let me know if you are going so we can introduce ourselves!

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  1. Thankyou for inspiring me that bit more.I'd just had a phone call with a very rude person from another centre close to me.Im thinking she may need to loook at this site and read.
    Ive taken details of this site and will be looking at it in the future.
    Thankyou again.
    South Australia.