Monday, October 24, 2011

building ramps for tyres

One of the favorite "loose parts" in our playground are the bike tyres.  Easy for the kids to pick up and move themselves - and, more excitingly - to roll along the ground and knock stuff over.

This led to the building of tyre ramps - designed to give the tyres more speed and knock stuff over in a more spectacular fashion.

At the beginning of the year the ramps were simple, beginning with the plastic slide:

Moving on to building ramps with wood and milk crates:

Until now as we zoom towards the end of the year. the ramps have become complex and complicated combinations of a whole array of different materials:

I love watching how giving the kids a playground full of loose materials - and the time and freedom to use them as they please - allows them to revisit and build on their past learning, experiences and discoveries and to make connections and deepen understanding.

What started out as a slide used as a ramp - over many months - becomes a collective construction of materials to build a tyre roller coaster.

Kids are pretty darn clever when we let them figure stuff out themselves, aren't they?

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