Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a typewriter in the preschool classroom

Meet the new addition to our classroom - a typewriter. 

Our children have found it endlessly fascinating and captivating.

Children love real machines - and they are made all the more precious because they are so often beyond their reach. 

A typewriter is a perfect machine for kids to explore:  all sorts of buttons and knobs and dials; moving parts that you can actually see moving and satisfying sounds. 

Even better, a typewriter is virtually indestructible.  Young children can pound away on the keys to their hearts content, experiment with inserting different types of paper, move the carriage return back and forth and the worst thing that happens is the keys all clump together. 

For children who are beginning to show and interest in the alphabet and picking out the letters they are familiar with, the typewriter is a delightful tool and a valuable addition to a preschool writing area.
And if it all goes pear shaped and the children happen to destruct the indestructible - how much fun would they be to take apart!
If you happen to stumble across a typewriter in an Op Shop, snap it up quickly I say.

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