Wednesday, July 6, 2011

reggio-inspired learning environments part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our peek inside Reggio inspired preschool classrooms.  If you missed Part 1 you can catch up here.

First cab off the rank is this pretty nifty set-up for a sensory table area:

Reggio - Inspired

Reggio inspired preschools work to create an aesthetically pleasing environment, and pay attention to elements such as light and space.  Think lots of windows, natural light and mirrors:

The College School
Davis Street Kindergarten
Items from nature not only provide wonderful open-ended learning opportunities - they also add to the aesthetic quality of Reggio inspired classrooms:
Spirit at Play

Fairy Dust Teaching
Natural items are used in children’s representative work - wonderfully open-ended 'loose materials' that can be used to create patterns, shapes and works of art:  

A magical spider's garden:

Extraordinary Classroom
Extraordinary Classroom
A cosy and inviting reading corner:

Small Wonders
 and writing area:

Small Wonders Preschool

Who wouldn't want a studio or atelier like this one?

Or this beautiful Atelier at Aspirations Child Learning Centre.

Drop by again tomorrow for Part 3 of this tour through Reggio Inspired Preschools.

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