Monday, July 11, 2011

building a house of bricks

It all began in a puddle of mud. 

A group of boys decided that they were making cement. 

"We need to add sand" said one who had recently helped his Grandfather do some work around the home.

"We need to add sawdust" said another.
"We are going to build a house" they told each other.

Happy with the consistency of the cement, they set to work gathering all the bricks they could find from the four corners of the playground.

The bricklaying began:

When the bricks ran out, they threw around ideas for completing their walls.  Time to fetch some wood:

Initially the boys tried digging holes for the posts, but when the ground proved too hard to get much of a hole going they hit upon the idea of putting the posts in buckets (see below).  When the buckets tipped over they filled them with sand to stabilise them.  Brilliant!


Cellophane was used for the window - and after failed attempts at building a wooden roof a sheet did the job:

What could be better than kicking back in a house you built yourself?

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