Friday, July 8, 2011

Australia's first forest preschool

Children of Westgarth Kindergarten via Preston Leader
Oh happy days - Australia finally has it's first Forest Preschool Program.

Westgarth Kindergarten in inner Melbourne is piloting a "Bush Kinder" program that will see it's lucky children spending one-3 hour session in a local bushland park per week.

“The children have the opportunity to play in the rain, climb trees, roll down grassy mounds, balance on fallen logs, get involved in dramatic play, find insects and draw with sticks in the ground,” says program director Doug Fargher. 
Forest Preschools have been around in the northern parts of the globe for over 50 years, so it is exciting to think that our very own Aussie kids will be able to experience the benefits of spending time learning, exploring and connecting with nature in our beautiful bush.

And whats more, other preschools will be able to watch and learn from their model and experience.  I for one would be interested in how they worked with the regulatory bodies to have their license approved

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Would you send your children to a bush kinder?

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    Have you heard anything further on the success or challenges of Wesgarth? Or whether any other 'bush kinders' have started up?