Saturday, June 25, 2011

junk as loose materials for play

What do you do with the spare bits and pieces of toys that you inevitably accumulate? 

The lego piece that doesn't fit, the cracked plastic block, stray nuts and bolts?  

Allie from Bakers and Astronauts popped their spare bits and bobs on a window sill and this is what happened.

Teacher Tom uses "what was formerly referred to as garbage" for a large, ongoing group collage or puts collections of "odd ball bits and pieces" into the block area. 

We put our collection of odds and ends on the craft table, just to see what the kids would come up with.

There were magic wands and robots:

There was sorting and collecting and pattern making:

Parts found their way over to the block corner:

Through our adult eyes, these loose materials aren't worth much.  Through a child's eyes, the possibilities are endless.  One man's junk is clearly a preschoolers treasure.

As a wise man once said:
Each day in preschool is a revelation. The whole world is right there, everything we need to learn, contained within those loose parts that others might call junk. - Teacher Tom

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