Tuesday, May 17, 2011

splat painting

Splat Painting is messy, fun, big. outdoors, creative and it goes SPLAT - all the ingredients necessary to lure them out of the sandpit.

This version of Splat Painting was inspired by Paint Create Explore

All you need to get splatting is:
  • 2 or 3 colours of paint in containers (we used take-away containers)
  • Cut up pieces of kitchen sponge
  • Fly Swatters
  • Big pieces of paper 
(I didn't mix the colours together beforehand - our kids love to do this themselves):

The children dipped their sponge into the paint, dropped it onto the paper and then swatted it with the fly swatter.  Let the creative play commence:


Of course, open containers of paint proved irresistible to some and there was a good deal of hand printing and finger painting to accompany the splat painting:

There are lots of versions of splat painting.  We have tried this one which involves dropping things from a height.   Here are some other wonderfully messy, sensory, playful, creative versions to try:

We Play


  1. Love the Splat idea! Gorgeous photos, as usual!

  2. SPLAT! Fun play! Yay! We really gotta try a true splat painting experience yet - can't wait to do it :)


  3. Great post, Jenny! I bought 4 fly swatters about 6 months ago for this exact purpose. It was winter, and we haven't pulled them out yet (except to swat flies -- but I guess there may be a good hand-eye coordination lesson in that too!!). Thanks for the reminder, and for including the TinkerLab splat painting link. :)

  4. Love this!! Got to buy some fly swatters...
    We have done splat paint with sponge and spatulas, and Balls too.

  5. Fly swatters are a great idea! Thanks for linking to my post! Have a great Day.

  6. Such wonderful pictures here, especially the closeup of the little person's hand in the thick blue green paint, getting paint on the sponge.
    It's easy to see the appeal of this!
    Looks like an awesome outdoor painting activity!
    Thanks for the post!

  7. Thanks for linking to my splat post :)
    I've got to try the fly swatters next time, that looks so fun!

  8. Splat painting seems to be all the rage now. We'll have to try our hand, or should I say swat, with some too.

  9. Looks super messy and fun! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try this myself.

  10. Never thought to use fly swatters!!! Will definitely plan that for the summer!

  11. This is a wonderful summer project.