Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rain water tank + water pump = sustainable water play

Now you could be thinking that a post about a water tank is as dull as dish (tank) water.  

However, if you happen to be an Australian preschool teacher you will understand me when I say that the arrival of our new rain water tank at preschool was very exciting indeed.

But wait, it gets better.  It has a hand pump attached to it!

Every day our kids ask for water to enhance their play - and like teachers across Australia we try to find the balance between providing for children's need for water play with the very real need to conserve water and teach children to use water wisely.

Now we have guilt free water to use for children's play plus a gauge to tell us when we need to slow our use of water until it rains again.  No water in the tank - no water to play with.

Our new tank will help our children to respect every drop of rain water we collect.  The water pump will help them become more independent when they need water, and hopefully put an end to the sneaky trips to the bathroom to fill up containers.  Happy days indeed.

What do you do to empower children to become sustainable water users?

For more on our new pump:

Creative thinking in preschool


  1. How exciting! I've been pricing out pumps and tanks for some time. I would love something like this in our yard, someday.... :). I bet the little ones are just thrilled!

  2. Awesome!! My girls love to use our Rain Barrel to fill buckets and watering cans for backyard play - they always end up watering the plants and garden as part of their "play/work" so everyone wins!! : )

    Wish we had a hand pump - how cool is that?!


  3. We have a surplus of water around here - so there's no need for a rain water tank - but I sure would love to have on for the kids! It would be a great way to encourage water conservation. And plus it just makes sense :)

  4. You know Jenny the problem with not reading peoples post every day means that when you do catch up you are actually reading them backwards . In other words ... So THIS is since when you've had a water pump! VERY jealous now!
    Donna :) :)

  5. Most of the children like to play with water but we can make them learn about how to use water efficiently and can collect the rain water for compensating the water we waste. By making rain water tank we can collect huge amount of water and can be used by pumping water through water pump easily. And you describe that all things here by your post. Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us.

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  7. That is some nice information about getting a water pump along with the water tank and it will surely help for pumping the water out with more pressure.

  8. Congratulations on getting your new water tank! Now both students and teachers can make good use of it.

  9. I love this! We want one in our yard but can't seem to source and pump! Does anyone have info on where this is from or where I may be able to find one? Any info would be great! Thanks