Saturday, May 14, 2011

outdoor music play at preschool

 This week we got our groove on outdoors.

A selection of instruments and pots and pans on the picnic table:

The big xylophone and buckets for drums:

Instruments hanging along a length of rope:

Add some African drumming music on the CD player and we had our very own outdoor music festival.  Parents, teachers and kids all dancing to the beat of their own drum - sometimes I can't believe I get paid to do this!

Amy from the fabulous Child Central Station has an outdoor music play blog hop happening - why not drop by and find inspiration for taking music play with preschoolers outdoors.

Or (tooting my own horn) you might like to read:

Do you have any ideas for music play that  you would like to share?


  1. I love this! We have rain in the forecast for the next 8 days (!), but I'm totally doing this with my kids on the first sunny day.

    We have not been ultra-creative with music play so far, I have to admit. Other than the kids just spontaneously playing with instruments on their own, the only other thing we've really done is to put music on the CD player and they play the percussion instruments along with it (which they quite love, actually).

  2. oh, i love this!

    one problem we often have with music play is that there are children who are trying to do something else and the music is too loud.

    taking it outside would care for it!


  3. Thanks for the shout out again Jenny :). Our little ones never tire of the xylophones! Thank you for being part of the inspiration for our outdoor makeover! I love to see how other folks take on the ideas. I like how your large xylophone is vertical.... hmmmmmmn....

  4. I love this idea! Putting them on the rope is ideal when many want to play at the same time. BTW - I love thenew look of the blog!

  5. This looks like a whale of a good time for everyone!
    Sunny weather, friends, awesome selection of musical instruments, and music together!
    I enjoy seeing these ideas!

  6. An excellent way to teach children music.
    You are very creative

  7. Fab photos Jenny.

    My blog posts on similar themes include and

  8. Love this! When we have our own house, a music centre in the garden is high on my priority list. Thanks for linking it up to Outdoor Play! Hope we'll see you again next Friday!

  9. Fabulous as always. What fun your kids have. We have less neighbours now so I'm looking forward to doing something like this soon - although might have to wait until it warms up. We Nth Qld'ers aren't use to this cold AT ALL!! :)

  10. Looks and SOUNDS like so much fun!

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