Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 ideas for outdoor music play

"There is nothing – absolutely nothing – which you can do indoors that you can’t do outdoors. There are many learning experiences that can only happen outside. 

And some things just work better outdoors, and music for young children is one of them."

- Alec Duncan

Here are some suggestions for taking the music outdoors:

1.  An Outdoor Music Corner

From Helen over at Adventures at Play:
Backyard Music Play Corner from Adventures at Play
From Amy at Child Central Station:

2. A Giant Xylophone

From Amy at Child Central Station:

3.  A Music Wall

From Endeavour Learning Centre:

4.  A Music Frame

Tales from the Sandpit has a new music frame to hang from their fence:

5.  Wind Chimes

From Play Dr Mom:

The beauty of these ideas is that they can be put together cheaply - a lot of the materials are probably things you already have lying around - and that the children can be a part of the creation process.

If you are interested in taking music play outside, you might find further inspiration here:
Or on Pinterest:

How do you take the music play outside?


  1. Thanks again for the linky love! We are loving our outdoor music area, and I have had so many people contact me about creating the large xylophones, both the one out of wood that we have and the one from pipes! I love to see how everyone takes the idea and inspiration and makes it their own!

  2. Oh nice! I so love this idea - my youngest loves music and my hubby is a music teacher. Have to admit I never thought of taking it outside in such a 'structured' non-structured way like these ladies! And the xylophone idea - awesome!

  3. Some great ideas, Jenny. Thanks for the links to explore.

  4. Thanks for all these great ideas!

  5. I'm adding this to our growing list of inspiration for our own backyard. I'm pretty sure at least one of my boys would love it. Thanks for stopping by & leaving such a supportive comment. It is much appreciated!

  6. Thank you Jenny. Thanks also for compiling such a great collection of ideas on this topic.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone - I love seeing what others are doing to encourage outdoor play and learning and you all inspire and motivate me in this direction. I'll keep you posted on how things go, music wise, outside at preschool.

  8. We have a drummer next door, maybe I'll set up a backyard music station so they can join in next time he starts playing!

  9. I think our backyard needs a music space - my mind is spinning with possibilities. Thank you Jenny for the inspiration.

  10. Such unique and exciting ideas! I am already visualizing some exciting options for the big balcony that we have.

  11. Jenny I am working on an outdoor music area at our preschool too! Since my colleagues saw my post they are keen to get involved too. I'll let you know what we create!

  12. I LOVE the Giant Xylophone. My grumpy neighbours are going to love some of these ideas :-) Thanks for sharing.

  13. I agree with Tricia. The Giant Xylophone rocks!

  14. These ideas are fantastic! You've inspired me to have a go at making our own outdoor music area - off to get the bits today! Your blog is excellent and has given me lots of fantastic ideas, thank you.

  15. I think it's great to expose kids to music at a early age. Music is a way for a child and young teenager to express themselves in a healthy matter.

  16. nice idea about out door music material, kids feels good if you give them a tea-spoon. they hit tea-spoon with something hard to make music.
    any ways i like your whole idea.
    thanks for posting.
    best regards: