Sunday, May 1, 2011

creativity in the preschool years

What could we do with the 4 pieces of wood we found lying around? 

They proved to be wonderful materials for the children to explore, discover and create open-ended art experiences.

First they were painted. 

Once dry, we added some baskets of collage materials and glue for the children to discover.

An experience such as this one - with no end product in mind - might not look like much.  It may not even look very pretty.  It probably won't be used for anything.  It definitely won't fit in lockers to take home.

But what it does do - with no adult samples to copy and only the imagination of the child and materials at hand - is to give the children opportunity to freely explore and discover on their own.

And that is what creativity in preschool is all about.  Thinking, exploring, discovering and imagining


  1. I see gorgeous framing for a large future mural (probably also made from odds and ends and whimsy!). This is my favorite kind of exploration and fun with young children. I have loved exploring your blog - there is so much happiness in here! I love what you do with young children.

  2. I love the TABLE that is used for the wood exploration - it says it all about YOU think about play :) cheers to sparkly bits, glue and time!

  3. Looks like creative at its best! Outcome = nothing in particular (at least to us adults). But a lot of fun had in the process! In their minds its something spectacular!


  4. Wonderful creative moment here!
    And the children are really exploring the materials in their own way!

    This looks like loads of fun!

  5. That's our kind of creating! I'm not well-organised enough to prepare craft activities for my children (with an end product in mind), but my children create things every day - I just provide materials and they take over the rest!

    Lazy parenting? Maybe, but it's also come from seeing the difference in the way my children approach a prescribed craft activity (frustration, maybe an initial burst of enthusiasm which doesn't last, perhaps a bit disappointed in the final product). Open ended making on the other hand, looks like fun, there's often singing and storytelling happening at the same time, surprises, discovery, concentration and pleasure!

  6. I think they'd look fabulous suspended beneath your verandah!
    Donna :) :)

  7. Unhindered, open-ended creative fun! This can boost so much imagination and originality compared to something given to them to copy or to do as adults would want them to...

    I think it's beautiful too!