Tuesday, May 24, 2011

creating a fairy garden in a pot

As soon as I saw this tub on the side of the road - yes, I'm one of THOSE people who pick up other people's junk at council clean-ups - I knew that it was going to be reborn as a fairy garden

We filled the tub with potting mix, and planted a selection of grasses and a couple of flowering plants to  colour and height.

Such was the enthusiasm that we ended up grabbing another pot and making not one, but two fairy gardens.

Once the planting frenzy was over, we set out a selection of bits and pieces and let the children go to town with the decorating.  We had:
  • coloured glass stones
  • pebbles
  • paddle pop sticks
  • small ceramic dishes
  • stones
  • shells
  • miniature butterflies
  • peg people
  • small animals

The sign - dictated to my colleague - reads "Remember don't bring scissors where the fairies are."  Good to know.

There is something that children find enchanting about the scale of a fairy garden - and of course they love to imagine and create with little treasures. 

With the addition of some stumps, and a wooden tree house we soon had not just a fairy garden but a whole fairy community.

Fairy Gardens - the ultimate outdoor dolls house.

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  1. Love! And looks like those kiddos do too!
    I remember making an ordinary (ie non- fairy related!) garden as a child and it is one of my favourite memories. I have loved all things miniature my whole life, and since I'm pretty sure most children feel this way, I conclude that I haven't grown up yet. Excellent! :-)

  2. Love this! This is on my summer "To Do" list.

  3. We love our garden fairies! Beware that once you get the kids started, it's hard to stop! :) My son is asking now for all kinds of fairy additions - like the plant racks I see you have & even a bonsai tree. Yay! (And thanks for the shout out!)

  4. We made a fairy garden in a similar planter last year, and now that it's warming up here the fairies have been begging us for a remodel. I like the addition of the ramp to another fairy land, and have a feeling that our fairies would really appreciate such an upgrade!

  5. This has been on our list of things to do for quite sometime.... I'm hoping it makes it to the top this summer!

  6. I just have one thing to say ... I LOVE IT!!!
    Oh AND great advice on the scissor thing!!!
    Donna :) :)

  7. Garbage picking pays off! LOL
    I have to admit I do that too!
    But look what you have done - awesome idea!

  8. Love it and yes, my neighbors actually call me now when they're throwing something out to give me a heads up in case it's going to rain! I guess I have the reputation now as the neighborhood dumpster diver! : )
    Thanks for the link and my girls love your garden!

  9. I love all of these fairy gardens. It's a great way to let kids get creative and use their imagination.
    : )

  10. I loooooove this! I'm going to get started collecting things right away!

  11. Can you tell me where you got the grey flat stones from? I bought a bag ages ago and haven't been able to find more since.

  12. Sue, I just got them from the local $2 Shop - they have all sorts of stones and pebbles.

  13. Wonderful. And, for some reason, my favorite is the stick fence.

  14. We were making a fairy garden last week (PIXIE HOLLOW)- so thanks for the idea of planting some instant color that won't die like our flowers and leaves - and I loved the fairy community... :)

  15. I just discovered your site. I love it! These toys and games are what creativity is made of. Good job putting all this together! I can't wait to try out some of these ideas at home.