Monday, May 30, 2011

14 top Australian Teacher Blogs

The number of Australian teachers with blogs is on the rise - a couple of years back when I first started hunting for them they were few and far between. 

Either that or I was looking in all the wrong places, which given my knowledge of blogging at the time was entirely possible.

Let me share with you my collection of Australian teachers with blogs.  Some are new kids on the block - others have been around the block a few times - all are wonderful. 

1.  Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning

“No play, No learning - Know play, Know learning”

I did a little happy dance the day I discovered Melbourne teachers Sherry and Donna and their amazing blog and they have been inspiring and motivating me ever since with their creative and irresistible play based learning ideas for children in the early years.

Sherry and Donna are also wonderfully generous in their support of other bloggers - they have been my  cheerleaders since we discovered each other, something for which I am continually grateful.

2.  Childhood 101
"A great childhood is about simple fun, play and learning with the people that you love."
Not long afterwards I stumbled upon Christie - early Childhood Teacher, writer, consultant and mother to a preschooler.  Apart from sharing fabulous tips and ideas that you can do with young children, Christie's knowledge of early childhood education and belief in playful learning comes shining through in her writing. 

3.  SquiggleMum

"Childhood – as a unique and precious time during which lifelong foundations are laid."

Christie led me to Cath - mother, teacher, writer and like me - an outdoor play advocate.
4.  Flights of Whimsy
"Children come to us equipped with many strengths, competencies and capabilities. There seems to be no limits to their imagination, creativity, curiosity and inquiry."
Karen is an early childhood teacher who shares her experiences in a Melbourne Preschool.  A woman after my own heart, Karen has been blogging lately about the makeover in their outdoor learning environment.

5.  Designing Early Childhood Australia
"Planning, Reflection, Collaboration, Provocation, Environment, Discovery."
Paulette is an early childhood teacher from Melbourne who blogs to reflect on her own practice, and to share information and resources. 

6.  Early Childhood Resources

Carly is studying for her degree in Early Childhood Education, and blogs to share ideas, information and resources with other teachers and parents.

7.  Everyday Play

Belinda is a preschool teacher and freelance writer and her blog is a place to:
"..record all of the wonderful play experiences my own children engage in at home. When I'm writing about them, I try to include all the details about why this play experience is particularly good for development because I find that most play-based, fun, open-ended play activities are."
8.  Tales from the Sandpit
"Where childhood is a journey, not a race."
Louise is an early childhood teacher who blogs about the daily happenings at her preschool.

9.  Nurturing Forests

Wendy is a teacher who writes about her experiences in early childhood education, and believes that:
"...raising children is not a isolated activity but takes a whole community.  As early childhood professionals, we are actively involved in this process but we also need to work closely with the children, parents, community as a whole and other allied professionals."
10.  Picklebums

Before having her brood, Kate was an early childhood educator with a special interest in child led, play based emergent curriculum.

11. Literacy, families and learning

Trevor is Master of New College and Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and writes to provide practical and sound support and advice for parents, teachers and teachers in training.  Trevor clearly knows his stuff but rather than coming across all preachy his writing is accessible to both teachers and parents alike.

12. Science at Home

Deb holds a Master of Education and her blog is an excellent source for science experiences for babies, toddlers and children.

13.  The Book Chook

Susan is a writer, editor, teacher and reviewer with a passion for helping kids to read, write and create.  She loves to find and share useful educational resources with parents, teachers and librarians.

Kate's blog celebrates the role of play in childhood and promotes progressive play-based learning based on three well-respected childhood learning approaches, Montessori Method, Reggio Emilia approach and Steiner's Waldorf Education.

Kate is also founder of TEN: The Education Network a supportive community for parents and teachers  dedicated to progressive early childhood education and enrichment. 

Do you know of an Australian teacher who blogs? Are you one yourself?
Please leave a link in the comments so we can all check them out.  


  1. Thank you for the lovely mention! It is wonderful to see other Aussie educators embracing technology, and sharing thoughts, perspectives, ideas and questions online.

  2. Jacqui from My Little Bookcase is a primary teacher on long mat leave, as is Caroline from Gardening for Kids.

  3. Great list. I think you all do Australia proud.

    I'm interested to know about more British pre-school blogs. Hmm... must go and have a think.

  4. would love to know more about blogs beyond the early years.I have three kids the eldest of which is ten. these are getting some scary times for us and our household, would love some information dealing with keeping your kids their age instead of going on 16, dealing with competativeness with friends, dealing with the old "well this is the way we do things in our family, I don't care if all your friends are allowed on facebook" and other such delights! From an education perspective I would also love to hear about how to keep your kids interested in school (when they already love school, how can you stop that going away) how to keep them interested in playing (role play, experimental play etc) and what we can do as parents to influence our children without hitting them over the head with a sledge hammer (figuratively).
    would love feedback Mel B

  5. Oh my, thank you for the mention!

    I will have to start blogging again! I am actually planning to within the next week!

    Fingers crossed I can actually maintain it this time!

  6. Thank-you Jenny for mentioning my blog. I am grateful for your wonderful support. I just wish I had more time on my hands to update my post more frequently and to peruse the great work of others!

  7. Such kind words, Jenny, thank you. It is fabulous to see a listing of so many fabulous Australian teacher blogs all in the one place :)

  8. Thanks for the mention Jenny - much appreciated and such wonderful fellow bloggers to be compared to. Like Carly, you've reminded me to be more organised and get back to blogging

  9. Oh my good golly gosh Thank you Jenny! Like you, when we started blogging we had no idea where to go to find other sites but thanks to you we have discovered some awesome Australian bloggers. We're really proud of the great Australian blog sites out their and what I really love is that we are all unique in our own right yet all following the same basic philosophy ... And you've gotta be pleased about that ... And of course you are up there with the best of them Jen ... Aussie teachers really do rock in the blogosphere!!
    Donna =) =)

  10. Thanks so much for this list- I was familiar with some of them but will check out the others ASAP!

    I've taught everything from HSC (leaving certificate in NSW) to preschool, which is where I am now. My blog is about anything that I think needs discussion- from parenting guidance to play ideas to identifying gifted kids to how to say no respectfully to your child. Would love you to have a look:

  11. I am so honored to be mentioned on a list of such awesome bloggers and teachers!
    Sometimes it feels like it was a life time ago that I was teaching preschool, and then other days that part of my brain is alive and kicking and full of ideas.... so lovely to find such inspiration online too!

  12. Thanks for the great list Jenny. You really are the queen of community :) Oh and I see a nomination for Best Aussie Blog…nice :)

  13. Super list, thanks for putting it together! Love some of these blogs already, but there are also some new ones for me I am off to investigate.


  14. Thanks for the list, I found it courtesy of the Planning Queen, will now be following you and the blogs in this list that I'm not already following.

  15. Great to find you. I was told to pop over by Kate @ An Amazing Child.

    I too am already a fan of many of these blogs (Squiggle Mum, Childhood 101, The Book Chook, Planning Queen). I am a mum, a blogger, a teacher and a child/adolescent counsellor. I have a blog where I tackle all things tween and teen related. (cyber issues, facebook, bullying, sexualisation etc).

    I am keen to investigate some of the other blogs you have mentioned. off to do that now...

  16. HI there. Great list. I have a blog My focus is creative parenting, but also creative education, with a Steiner "inspired" focus (I was a Steiner EC teacher for 10 years). You might find something interesting... Enjoy.

  17. Thankyou so much - what a nice thing to be put in with such wonderful company - like lots of the others, I don't do it as much as I would like, so thanks for hanging in there with me! And now I have some new blogs to visit!

  18. Would love your thoughts and any suggestions to helping get us out there


  19. Hi all,
    Whilst my blog focuses more on the middle years and secondary education, I'm certainly interested in link exchanges with any other educational bloggers out there. My blog is - hope you enjoy it.

    Two of my most popular posts are about an essay scaffold template and the Oxford 307 word list. Hope you enjoy these articles.



  20. Thank you for this great list of blogs and the opportunity to mention my own! I have already added a few comments to some great articles that I have read.

    I am an Australian teacher and creator of Little Learning Planet ( My websites empowers parents as their children's first and most influential teacher and provided educational activities to do at home.

    I would love to hear from any educational or parent bloggers who are interested in exchanging articles.

    Happy learning everyone.


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  23. What a great resource! Thank you for sharing! I have gone through a couple of them and lost a few hours :)
    All are great reads! If anyone can recommend some more blogs to do with vocational/diploma level study in Australia, much appreciated.
    Thanks again.

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