Wednesday, April 27, 2011

8 top outdoor play blogs

Do you remember when I shared my list of 10 Top Outdoor Play Blogs?

The problem is that there are so many blogs promoting outdoor play that I can't just stop at ten. 

Here are 8 more inspiring blogs about outdoor play.  Happy reading!

This is a wonderful blog about how two small suburban Montessori enviro preschools in New Zealand are working to introducing nature to children. 

If you love finding inspiration by looking at images of natural playscapes, then this is the blog for you.

The blog for From the Ground Up - designers of unique outdoor spaces particularly for children - Play of the Land is "one mom's plan to create spaces that make a difference, by their very nature."

Gill - a child development expert with a unique area of focus on children's natural development through movement - believes that a moving child is a learning child. 

With the tag line "let your kids go outside and play" you know you are in the right place. 

Michelle is a landscape architect who shares her interests in nature, education, design and learning landscapes. 

Tricia is an Australian blogger who dreams of living closer to nature, and writes about the steps she and her family are taking in doing so - including categories on playing, creating and getting out and about in nature.

8.  Nature for Kids

Chock a block full of ideas and inspiration for families with young children to get outside and play.

Are you up for a little more reading?  You might enjoy 12 Top Outdoor Play Space Pinterest Boards

Over to you.

Do you blog about outdoor play, or children and nature?
Do you have a favorite outdoor play blog?

I'd love to hear about them. Lets share the love by sharing the links in the comments.


  1. Jenny: I am so excited about all of the voices raised in praise of outdoor play! Love how our blogging community just grows and grows!

    Go team #playoutdoors!

    - Bethe @balmeras
    aka The Grass Stain Guru

  2. So much reading I have to do! Great list, can't wait to check out a few new ones.

    Just a side note about #playoutdoors that I think you might was pretty rainy yesterday but once it stopped by daughter INSISTED that we get some outside time. It was so wet I really didn't want to but she threw a complete fit sawing "Mommy I NEED to play outside!" So we went out, jumped in puddles and had a great time! So glad that I have daughters that LOVE to play outside no matter the weather.

  3. Hello ladies -- thanks so much for all the inspiration -- i have an in home accredited daycare and i have spent the last year or so converting to 95 percent natural materials ... little by little trying to rebuild the children's relationship with nature... feel free to pop over
    light and peace

  4. i really love your posts to keep us all connected - mine is new - 52 days to explore
    I have mentioned you in Gardening. Thanks

  5. Thank you for the link :-)

    I'm off to explore the other blogs now. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks a ton for the blog list. I was wandering for such blogs as I wanted some outdoor information for my kids.

  7. Thanks so much for including Nature For Kids! Love what you're doing here and grateful for the shout out!! - Shawna