Monday, April 25, 2011

nature play with clay at preschool

clay + twigs + seeds + creative children = nature sculptures

Like any art experience with preschoolers, it is the process that is important rather than the end product.

When young children first start to play with clay they are discovering "what does clay do?" before they move onto "what can I make with clay?"   They poke it, squeeze it, pinch it and pound it. 

Natural materials like twigs and seeds become another tool they can use in these explorations.

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What have you been doing with clay lately? 


  1. So true, that the process is the more important aspect of children's art experiences, and how wonderful for children to be able to play with real clay, and natural things.
    Thanks as well for your post on labyrinths, which you made available here.
    Brenda :)

  2. Clay play, and that too, real clay can be very rewarding for kids. The way clay reacts immediately to their picking and pounding and poking, can provide instant satisfaction to the curious minds. They are motivated to keep on experimenting. The natural elements like twigs etc can make this play even more fascinating!

  3. Sam loves mixing natural items with her clay! Such a great activity. Her preschool actually does this too which makes me smile.

  4. You make a wonderful point about the creation process. I need to remember that.

  5. So true, Jenny. Children just need to figure out what clay is all about before considering it as a tool to make a likeness of something (which happens SO much later). And I love the new look of your site!