Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a frog pond for imaginative play

I was upstaged by a frog.

For months I've been admiring the creative scenarios for imaginative play popping up on blogs like Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.

Inspired, I decided to create a frog pond for the children to play with.

So there I was, feeling pretty darn happy with the result.

Then a cry came from the sandpit:  "I've found a frog!"

Naturally, a real frog trumps a pretend frog any day of the week.

We put the frog in a bowl of water, along with some of the props from the imaginative play set up.  It was perfect really - we had everything we needed right on hand.

After observing our new friend for a while, and talking about what frogs need to live and where they like to live we decided to set the frog free in our frog pond.

You couldn't have planned things better than that!


  1. This is just so wonderful...days like that will sure keep you loving what you do! Bravo!

  2. How amazing!!! I love it!!! Just don't do any tyrannosaurus rex play scenes!

  3. That's so sweet! We created a frog pond in a corner of our backyard. It has been really exciting for the boys to watch the tadpoles turn into frogs. Just now that most have turned into frogs, there is none left to be seen! Hopefully they have all found happy homes throughout our garden or in other frog ponds like your : )

  4. Isn't it wonderful when everything just works together? What a great time of fun and learning about frogs.

  5. There are no coincidences. Wonderful story.

  6. I like the pond. We have an African Water frog as a classroom pet. I also have minimal space to set up this type of sensory play. Thanks for sharing the design and the story as well.

  7. How wonderful to find a real frog to observe and set free in your frog pond! Sounds like a magical day =)

  8. Brilliant! Perfect! Spectacular!
    Donna :) :)

  9. I've only recently started to "step it up" in the "creative play scenarios" and sensory tubs, etc. These are so great for my kids; they much prefer these little stations than their toys, even new toys. I love what you did with this one, and I'm definitely keeping it in mind!!!

  10. Perfect timing on finding a real froggy friend!

    I loved this idea and made one for my daughter. You can check it out if you like: http://dimplesgiggles.blogspot.com/2011/05/frog-pond.html