Sunday, April 3, 2011

cooking over a campfire at preschool

My lovely colleague started a fire at preschool.  In a good way.

It all began with a visit to the local Butcher, where a small group of our children were treated to a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of sausage making.

They arrived back at preschool excitedly clutching their very own little parcels of sausages.  If that isn't a good reason to fire up the barbie I don't know what is.

First there were sticks to be gathered:

Sticks to be snapped and cut down to size:

A fire pit was dug:

And bricks were laid around the edges:

Into the pit with paper and sticks:

High excitement as the fire was lit:

And anticipation as their very own of fat sausages, fresh from their new mate the butcher, sizzled on the grill:

The air was filled with the heady mix of wood smoke and barbecue.  There was something wonderfully  homey about cooking outside that helped to lessen the gap that little bit more between preschool and home. 

It might sound silly because I'm only talking snags on the barbie here, but coming together around a fire that you have helped to make and sharing food that you have helped to cook created a special feeling of community for all of us. 

And the sausages tasted good!

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  1. We often have a fire in the playground or our school - we have a fire bowl but the process is very similar. Our 9=11 year olds are familiar enough with how to be ssafe and what to do to be able to do all the fire lighting and keeping themselves. Last time we made little bread cakes and cooked them. Other favourites are sausages, pop-corn and or course, toasting marshmallows.

  2. This is a must do before the end of the school year. Thanks for sharing and being " that" teacher!

  3. This is fabulous, on so many levels. What a wonderful experience to share.

  4. At the end of last school year, the parents had approved spending money on building a fire pit in our outdoor classroom, but a handful of this year's parents absolutely freaked out when it came up at the beginning of this year so we had to put it on hold.

    Those families will not be with us next year, so I'm hoping . . .

  5. Oh, and I'm using this post, Jenny, to "sell it." =)

  6. Sounds like a fantastic day!

  7. Oh, pangs of jealousy with your fire pit! Every time I visit your site I am not only inspired, but also reminded of how far "traditional education" has gone away from play-based learning! sigh....

  8. I remember when I first saw this I was so impressed & more than a little jealous but it also spurred me on to getting my fire grill so a big thanks to you.