Thursday, March 31, 2011

tinkering at preschool

Gever Tulley would be proud of us.  

Today we tinkered up a storm and discovered that taking things apart is just as much fun as building things.

Things took an unexpected twist when the children wanted a way of displaying all the wonderful bits and bobs they removed from the old video recorders.

Memory flash to Teacher Tom's amazing junk collages.  I grabbed an old piece of board and PVC glue (which we added colour to) and some glitter to add that oh so important touch of pizzazz.

As each spring or screw or widget was removed, it was glued to the board. 

A showcase of tinkering!

I love an emergent curriculum.  Following a child's lead, you never know where you will end up!

And in other news of a tinkering variety, head over to Child Central Station and have a look at Amy's brand spanking new tinkering space.


  1. LOVE it! Never thought to make a piece of art work out of the bits and bobs. And you are SO right about the glitter! ;-)

  2. This is a timely post for me Jenny! We've been dismantling machines these last couple weeks. Several of the kids have been talking about using the parts to build a "talking robot." I'd been trying to figure out if I had the courage to use glue guns with such tiny parts (I usually prefer larger pieces to reduce the chance of burns) but, of course, I could just cut some cardboard in the shape of a robot and use regular glue! Yay!

    By the way, I linked to you today as well!

  3. My kids would flip out with excitement if I let them do this. Thanks so much for the idea - now I'm off to find a machine they can tinker with (and more).

  4. I love the emergent curriculum too! You always get so much more mileage out of a project when its self-selected. And this is so timely for me too -- my daughter just started using real nails and I think she may be ready to take apart some computers. I really love how your kids turned the pieces into sparkly art works. Absolutely fabulous!

  5. Excellent idea! It just never seems right to throw away all of the bits and pieces that the children work so hard to dismantle during their tinkering sessions!

  6. I've been tinkering with the notion of tinkering at home and in my kindergarten classroom in a public school. My 5 year old is always sticking screwdrivers in things she shouldn't. This gives me the idea to round up electronics headed for a yard sale or recycle bin and let her try. If I can make her understand she only does it on this I provide, not tearing up functional items to continue the investigation! Shared your idea here.

  7. Our kids love tinkering and deconstructing old machines! Your idea on junk collage is a great way to extend and re-use all the bits and pieces- will suggest to our kindy kids next time. Thanks for the inspiration.