Friday, March 4, 2011

taking apart our old wooden stove

 The old wooden stove we used for our outdoor kitchen finally succumbed to the elements:  the perfect opportunity to get out the tools for another spot of demolition preschool-style.

I was worried that demolition just for demolitions sake was probably not the best message to send to my eager work crew, so first we had a bit of a chat about the purpose of the job at hand.  We decided to take apart the stove to see if we could salvage any of the parts, rather than just throw away the whole kit and caboodle.  

Once we began to take apart the stove it was apparent that although it was enormously satisfying when things started falling to pieces, the kids' main focus was on using the tools for a real purpose. 

Working with tools really does seem to have the power to thoroughly engage the kids; to encourage perseverance and in this case collaboration and team work.

I also love to listen to the children talk about the tools they use at home.  These are often 'dad' and 'granddad' type stories. 

Tools and woodwork and odd jobs around the house seem for many to be associated with special memories of special together times, and a feeling of importance at being included in real work.

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  1. While I love seeing kids using real tools, I cringe when I see bare feet on some of them!