Monday, March 14, 2011

more little gifts

Little traces of play - remnants of activity that you come across as you pack away the room that surprise and delight.  

In my last post I spoke of these as "little gifts" that the children leave behind for us preschool teachers to stumble across later. 

Since that post the wonderful Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery shared this little gift:

And Amy from the wonderful Child Central Station shared her "little gift":

Kids are pretty cool, huh?


  1. I love this series! I often take pictures of "little gifts" that i don't think others would appreciate, but now that you are featuring these in your blog maybe I will do the same : )

    thanks for the inspiration.

  2. love the animals matching the book cover

  3. These are terrific! Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  4. Thanks for sharing and the linky love! It is always fun to find the little gifts lingering. I think it is one of the reasons I don't advocate for children to always clean up if they aren't quite done with their play. I like it when other children stumble upon the little gifts left by others and when children have the opportunity to go back and revisit their play.

  5. Those are so precious. Kids are SO cool!

  6. I love these! A blogging friend sent me a link to this post, because I photograph my own little Critter's little sculptures, such as these and these.