Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a list of progressive schools in australia

Progressive schools are one option for those seeking an alternative to mainstream education for their child.  

I chose a progressive school for my boys' primary education.
If you are interested in learning more about progressive education in Australia, here is a list of the progressive schools I am aware of in each state:



Currambena Primary School & Preschool

Korowol School


Fitzroy Community School

Hurstbridge Learning Co-op


Village School


Blackall Range Independent School

Brisbane Independant School

Maridahdi Early Childhood Community School

Pine Community School

South Australia

Kirinari Community School


Peregrine School


Blue gum School


  1. I went to Korowal, it was wonderful. I would love to send my kids, unfortunately the cost of these schools is prohibitive to most families I know with more than one child. I know many people who would like to send their children, however it is purely cost that keeps them away.

  2. Village School is not too far from me Jenny, in fact a few of our kinder children went on to attend there. Unfortunately, as Jen pointed out in her comment above, the costs for this type of education really does knock a lot of people out of the picture! :(
    Donna :) :)

  3. I'm so excited about my son attending blue gum this year. As soon as I knew we were moving to Canberra we signed up.

  4. It is a shame that the expense of these schools excludes some of the families who would like to attend. Smaller progressive schools find it hard to make ends meet and do really try to keep costs down, but by remaining small and employing more teachers the running costs are high.

    Blue Gum looks pretty wonderful Kate. And

  5. I agree with Jen and Sherry & Donna-unfortunately, the cost of sending kids to these type of schools means it isnt an option for many families (including my own. not to mention location is a factor too. I would LOVE to see some progressive type schools set up within the govt system one day, or at least some of the ideas used-not sure if that's an overly optimistic dream though :(

  6. Does Melbourne Community School in St Kilda count?

  7. I'm not too sure Fimail. I've always thought it looks like a progressive school from what is on the website, but I'm not sure of their philosophy.

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Just stumbled on your blog (again, I think) looking at different progressive schools in Aust. I'm a student teacher of a Masters degree in Vic, having done Secondary Ed. last year, and Primary this year. To get a bit more experience and because I have a lot of interest in democratic education/schools, and a lot of the principles around progressive schools, I volunteer one day a week at Village, which I'm finding to be a huge learning experience in itself- seeing aspects of what we're learning at Uni vs. how it's actually put into practice, what works, what doesn't...
    Someone said they want govt schools to have progressive principles, too... I know a lot of the teaching we're receiving has a lot of those values instilled in it- learning your students, building relationships, interdisciplinary learning, learning outdoors, holistic education, etc etc... I think the problem must be when we actually get out there and teach, either we revert back to what we know/knew, or there are such limitations already in place that it's hard to do these things we've been taught. So, I know it's not that system being set up in schools, but I think some of those values are being taught (at least to my cohort) to new teachers... just a question of whether we can sustain them or not!
    Sorry about the ramble!

  9. Can anyone tell me about the Peregrin School in Tassie. Wanting to move to Tas from Qld, and my son currently attends a Steiner School. I love the thought of the Peregrin School, but want more info from people who have been there etc.

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  11. Yet the government pays for schools who cram 30 and more kindy kids in filthy classrooms where cramming is the order of the day.

  12. My kids went to pine community school in Brisbane, and we just love it. Totally life changing for all of us. I SO hope these kinds of schools become the norm!

  13. Um, in WA on the south coast, we have Woodbury Boston school located at Torbay k1-6 at the moment, then there's Spirit of Play Community school at Denmark, would be useful if the author did some further research