Wednesday, March 2, 2011

getting real

 One of our wooden pallets had seen better days.  It was destined for fire wood.

A real job.


Real tools.

Real life.

Real learning.

Real fun!


  1. I think your children are very fortunate to have this chance to use real tools and do a real job. This is a good reminder of the competence of children, and their ability to do "real" adult tasks with support, and guidance.
    It looks like lots of fun!

  2. This reminds me of my youngest son when he was little...he was always the kid with the banged up knees and dirty hands...ready to help dad fix the car, go fishing and use real tools to work! I also think your children are very fortunate to have this chance to use real tools! (by the way- love the new blog layout!)

  3. Loving the new look! Real work is always so much more fun than just "projects"

  4. I love all these posts about kids using real tools, something I've yet to really try with my kids. I can't wait to experiment with it outside this summer.

  5. This preschool teacher loves what you do =)

  6. Hi Jenny, I love your blog and would like to show it to our early childhood students at Wintec, a tertiary college in Hamilton, New Zealand. Can you let me know that this will be okay. Thanks. Georgina

  7. Look at the size of that hammer!! When we entrust children with real tools we show them that we trust them, and infuse them with confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. Why do for children what they can do for themselves?

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone.
    And Geogia - I'd be honoured :)