Thursday, March 17, 2011

flower arranging at preschool

"We need some flowers in these vases" she said.

"They will make everything look pretty" she said.

She was right!

It was a pleasure to share a few peaceful moments in the day with this child, doing something as simple as picking and arranging flowers.  

Looking at the flowers together, watching her smell them, feel them and organise them just so - there is magic in these everyday things.

If we try to look at things with children, if we value the moments when they stop and stare and wonder at the world, then we probably do more for their creative, aesthetic and artistic development than a host of specific art activities might ever do.
- Ursula Kolbe "Rapunzel's Supermarket"


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  2. I can almost smell them!!! (Hopefully just a couple more weeks here... We have MUD! Now if the annual St Patty's Day storm can just bypass us this year, maybe we can start to say Spring!)

  3. We have that on our plans for next week only we aren't using real flowers! I don't think there are any real flowers growing around here yet:)

  4. How lovely! We've had lots of fun with flower arranging here:
    The floral foam wasn't cheap, but you can get a box of flowers quite cheaply from the market and the girls loved the sensory nature of the activity (no, neither of them suffers from hay fever)

  5. Jenny your posts are always so inspiring.

  6. Very nice. My kids love to use flowers in a lots of ways. Our flowers are just starting to appear, so soon we can do this, too.

  7. how sweet. it makes me think that there must be a whole lot of flower arranging going on in this child's home (or in your classroom, perhaps?).