Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tips, ideas and inspiration on tumblr

For tips, ideas and inspiration on all things play hop on over to my tumblog January archive.  It is chock-a-block full of playful goodness from wonderful bloggers all over the globe.

And while you are in the Tumblr neighbourhood, have a look at some of my tumbling friends:

::: Irresistible Ideas

::: Tot School Tumblr

::: Child Central Station

::: Jennifer Dobson

::: Adventures with Kids Explores

Happy tumbling!


  1. Not on Tumblr that is a new one for me. But I love several of those blogs you listed.
    Passed along a blogging award to you today. Congrats and enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the link up :). I've been out of the social networking loop for a bit. We've been sick. I think we are finally on the mend! Glad to be back :).

  3. Abbie - thanks so much for the award - always feel honoured when someone takes the time to give one to Let the Children Play!

  4. Our little tumblr is still very much a work in progress Jenny so thanks for mentioning us!

    Donna :) :)

    BTW I love the new colour scheme! :)

  5. Thanks Donna - I have lost my blogging mojo so I am just playing with colours. It will probably change again :)

  6. Hi Jenny

    1) What's the point of Tumblr - at a quick glance is a collection of posts you like. How does it make it easy for a visitor to find what they are looking for?

    2) How much work is it?

    3) What made you decide to set one up?


    PS The reason I ask is that I'm terribly slow on the tecchy front - I was on Facebook and Twitter for over a year before I began to understand how they worked and began to use them better.