Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the preschool home corner

Pretend Play Kitchens

I love home corners that look, well, homey:  a space for children to to learn about their world and their place in in it that authentically reflects their own homes, lives or interests.

It's all in the details

It all comes down to the little touches:  shelves filled with containers that children would see in their own homes; a table set with real dishes; photos in frames; pictures on the wall; a vase of flowers or pot plants.

The Real Deal

Children prefer the “real thing,” to plastic imitations, probably because they see adults using spoons, mixing bowls, strainers, and so forth at home and the urge to imitate adult actions is powerful.

Image from Sew Liberated

Image from "Designs for Learning" via Bellilli Educacion

Clothing and accessories can be stored just as they are in the children's homes: on hooks, in drawers, or in baskets; a hanging shoe holder; a jewellery box; a towel rack for towels; a chest for blankets; or kitchen canisters to store loose items for cooking, such as stones, buttons, seeds, and beans.

We use this salvaged chest of drawers to store baby clothes and blankets
Of course, no matter how you set up your home corner it is inevitable that the children will cart it all off and set themselves up somewhere else!

Do you have any images or suggestions that you would like to share?  I'm always on the look out for inspiration.


  1. Ooooh ... they are all such yummy spaces!
    Donna :) :)

  2. I love these pics- gives me some great ideas :) thanks!

  3. Fantastic learning environments. I 'peeking' at the play areas inside other learning spaces :)

  4. Such inviting places - cozy and endless possbilites for play.

  5. Oh my gosh those play spaces are amazing. What fun paces to play and learn.

  6. You're right - adding "real" things always seems to stimulate imaginative play. Mixing bowls, large spoons, cutting boards, and other safe kitchen items are always a big hit.

  7. Those spaces are all beautiful. I'm laughing about the children carting the stuff off somewhere else because that's what my two daughters do every day, without fail, at home.

  8. I love the images of these house-areas! I think you are totally right in saying that children prefer real materials to plastic toys. I try to keep as many real dishes and cooking utensils in my kitchen area of my classroom as possible.


  9. Great pictures and kitchens. I like them and my daycare kids would have a blast playing in some of those!! Thanks for sharing.