Tuesday, February 15, 2011

preschool art with oil pastels and edicol dye

Start off drawing with oil pastels:

Paint over the top of the drawing with water colour (water mixed with edicol dye*):

Watch the drawings come to life:


* Edicol dye is a non-toxic vegetable dye that is available in a powder form. It can be mixed into water to produce a thin paint or added to cornflour to make a thicker paint. It can also be added to glue. You can buy edicol from Educational shops or good craft shops. A little goes a long, long way

These are some of the other ways we use edicol dye at preschool::

And here are some irresistible ideas from Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning:

We Play


  1. We love making these sorts of resist experiences with paint and dye.

  2. Here's another way to use oil pastels. After drawing on paper, fill some small jars with baby oil, pop in a ear swab or qtip and then using the qtip, place the baby oil over the oil pastel drawing...it turns the oil pastel to paint. It's a wonderful experience.

  3. thanks for the tip Marla - i bought some baby oil today and look forward to giving this a go later in the week. I'll let you know how it goes!