Sunday, February 13, 2011

mud pie kitchens revisted

Image from The Child's Paper
Do you remember last year when our little corner of the blogosphere was all a flutter with mud pie kitchens?

You can catch up on some of the action in these posts:

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: : : making mud pies

Now I love a mud pie kitchen.  Anything that has the potential to engage kids in creative and imaginative play outdoors is a winner in my books.  Unfortunately, our mud pie kitchen has fallen victim to the outdoor elements so it is time to start gathering more ideas for the mud pie kitchen mark 2.

These are the beauties I have come up with so far:

: : : Squiggle Mum  Getting Dirty in Outdoor Kitchens

: : : The Child's Paper   Mud Pies

: : : Elsie Marley     Mud Pies

: : : Teacher Tom   Our Mud Pie Kitchen

True to form, Tom can't help tinkering and concocted a way to add a water source and sink to their outdoor kitchen:

: : :  Owlet    Our Creative Space

The beauty of an outdoor play kitchen is that it doesn't have to be fancy, or cost a lot (or any) money.  Cast offs and op shop finds and pieces that you don't mind eventually falling to bits in the weather are ideal:
: : : Iri'ni    My Mud Pie Kitchen Rules

Be creative with the accessories for your mud pie kitchen - I love the collection of tins and pots and bits and pieces in this photo:

And finally, I would love to hunt down this little book called Mud Pies and Other Recipes.  A Cookbook for Dolls. by Marjorie Winslow:

It is full of magical muddy recipes like this one:

Image: The Child's Paper
Scoop up a shovelful of sand that has just been licked by a wave. Pack this into the tiniest sea shells you can find . Sprinkle these with a pinch of dry sparkling sand and serve.
Who wouldn't love some of these served up to them by the little person in their life?


  1. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog, thanks to my friend Karen who gave award to you - well, you got another follower :)
    As for the book "Mud Pies.." (but new edition) you can find it on It is the site I order my books all the time and it has worldwide free shipping. I trust them completely and I've got every order with no problems. And no, I am not associated with them in any way :))

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks so very much for linking Iri'ni up :D! It was a real delight to find your comment and then come to visit. You also have another follower in me!


  3. Sandra, thanks for the tip and welcome to the blog. So happy you are enjoying it!

  4. JM: I loved looking at your blog as well - beautiful. And always a thrill to have another follower!

  5. I loved the mud pie kitchen so much that we made one at school but I also made one for home. I thought it was for my six year old daughter, but my eight year old son and ten year old daughter also spend many a happy afternoon creating in the mud kitchen!

    Sometimes we add things form the house too - yesterday it was shower gel and cornflour, porridge oats and gluten free flour when the cornflour ran out.

    You must try mixing showergel and cornflour - it creates a wonderful, almost putty like substance. The children were fascinated. It is very different from the gloop you get with water and cornflour but just as enticing!

  6. Great post. You inspired the acquisition of a mud kitten at Christmas for our home. The kids love it!

  7. Love the seashells!! We usually decorate our mudpies with them but I like them as little scoops or mini pies!!

  8. All these mud pie kitchens is making me long for springtime here!

  9. I have the perfect spot for a mud pie kitchen. And I just know Little M will be there all day!