Monday, February 28, 2011

more 'home corner' inspiration

Do you remember a few posts back when I shared some inspiring preschool 'home corners'

Well, I have found some more that I just have to show you.

The first comes from fellow Australian blogger Tricia, at Little Eco Footprints.  These play spaces are in her home, and when I first saw them I wanted to move my family right in!

I love the way that these gorgeous play areas create a welcoming space that says both "everyone belongs here" and "play is valued and respected."

 The second home corner is from Shoalhaven Preschool.  The eclectic mix of furniture and props creates a warm, fuzzy feeling of home: 

I love the little touches, like the lamp and the clock on the window sill.  And finally, this one:


I'll leave you with an interesting post from Allie at Bakers and Astronauts which explores the process of setting up a dramatic play area.  Allie writes:  

Dramatic play should allow children to be open-ended and self motivated; and is should reflect their own lives and interests. If it is going to be a kitchen, try to fill it with containers that children would see in their own pantry at home; or with real dishes to prepare a table with.

In my first year of teaching, we would change the dramatic play area according to childrens' interests and the project or topic of study. In my recollection, it was four things over the course of the year: a kitchen, a store, a doctor's office, and a restaurant. The children were engaged in each one, but it was always a magical room transformation for them -- they would arrive on a Monday morning to new props, items, and furniture arrangement. Should children have more of a say in the arrangement of their classroom environment? I think dramatic play may be a good place to try that out.


  1. Beautiful, and inspiring photos! I like also to prepare dramatic play for my children, and "surprise/ delight" them, but sometimes set centers up with the kids' help. There is value in that also, and they enjoy moving heavy furniture I find.
    Thanks for the lovely photos.

  2. I like the idea "space for children and adults. " In Portugal this idea does not exist.


  3. I love these pictures! I always find inspiration looking at photos of other early childhood spaces- and these are so wonderful!

  4. Thanks Jenny for your kind words about our spaces and for the link love.