Sunday, February 27, 2011

ideas for a woodworking area at preschool

For some time now I've been hankering for a permanent woodworking / tinkering space on our veranda at preschool:  a workbench and a space to safely store tools and materials when they are not in use.

I've been moseying around and here are some ideas I have come across:

Flights of Whimsy

Teacher Tom's Tinkering area

Teacher Tom's Tool Cabinet

Nayland Kindergarten

Cowgate Under 5 Centre via I'm a Teacher Get Me Outside of Here
 Do you have a woodworking / tinkering area?  I'd love some inspiration!


  1. Jenny-

    We don't have a permanent place for woodworking/tinkering. We have done most of our outside during the spring/summer/fall. It limits our use in the winter because We don't have a good indoor space yet.... I have a lot of inspiration on my tumblr. Some folks have turned night stands into work benches... and I've found some good wood working plans for a neat child sized work bench. For now, our endeavors are limited, but I too hope to make a better permanent woodworking/tinkering space. I'll try to hook you up with the places I found inspiration :).

    1. I use a log in my preschool class as we don't have an area for a talbe either. The activites are monitored and 2 children at a time can work at the log. They must wear safety goggles, use real hammers and roofing nails. When the log is filled with nails we just get another one.

  2. you always send (me...;)...) these ideas right at the perfect time!! i've been wanting to set up a wood-working station at my preschool for some time and this is just the inspiration i was looking for!!! thank you again and again for all you do! xxx,kristin

  3. Thanks Amy for the ideas, and Kristin - we do seem to be in sync don't we! Let me know how you go and we can compare notes.