Sunday, January 9, 2011

what rusty keeler said: make a wish list

Natural Playscape @Angela's Playcare

Today in the "What Rusty Said: Creating Natural Playscapes Series" we will look at writing a wish list for materials, volunteers and services.

Write your wish list

Now that you have sketched out your basic design it is time to look at gathering materials, tools and volunteers you will need for your playscape project/s. 

Write out a wish list.  Don't be shy: if you don't ask you won't receive!  You never know who has a friend of a friend with those special skills or equipment you need. 

Spread your wish list around

I've been thinking of ways to cast a wide net with our wish list.  Some of the things I've come up with are:

  • Notice boards at your centre
  • Centre newsletters ::: St James Preschool
  • Start a playscapes blog ::: Elm Tree
  • Community notice boards
  • Local service clubs such as Rotary
  • Community newspapers
  • Pictures and Playscape links to inspire ::: Beaumaris North Primary
  • local businesses

Next in the series
The time has come to add to / create / build your playscape!


  1. I'm a big fan of wishlists. At the top is a magic wand. Next I want to have superhero powers to control the weather.

    Oh.. er hang on! Back to developing an outdoor space.

    A useful trick is to have the wishlist display where it can be added to by anyone. I tend to have 3 columns

    Now: things that can be changed easily, within a term

    Soon: things that need a little more planning or funds, that may be take a year to put in place

    Later: Big items. These are major changes that cost oodles of money or are very difficult to locate or very complex to achieve.

    This helps a lot with the planning and making the wishlist a reality.

  2. Thanks as always for your practical advice Juliet. I'm going to do the wish list thing when preschool starts again, and the 3 columns look like a useable way to go about it.

    Let me know when you get that magic wand!

  3. I was just checking out pics of natural playscapes and came across a pic of my own playscape on your blog! How cool is that!
    I so love Rusty's book! Mine is falling apart from looking at it sooo much. Well loved. I love your blog! Angela @ Angela's Playcare