Tuesday, January 18, 2011

using planters in a children's playscape

Recently this old wooden boat in our primary playground was given a new purpose in life by adding some plantings:

It adds an element of interest to the playscape, and bought to mind other unexpected and funky planters I've come across in children's playscapes. 

I found these on a visit to Hurstbridge Learning Co-op in Melbourne:

Not too sure about this one!  Thinking there are a few little boys I know who would see it as an invitation and the plants may get a bit more of a watering than they bargained for:

Planting in tyres is a tried and true favorite, but just have a look at these ones I found on the wonderful Preschool Daze:

Or what about reusing old milk containers?  Pop on over to Little Eyes on Nature to learn how.

Image:  Little Eyes on Nature
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  1. Love the rainbow tires! We can get lots here (in North Carolina) from our dump. That is so funny about the potty :) Lots of great ideas again. Thanks, Jenny.

  2. Some people really can think outside the square can't they?!

    Donna :) :)

  3. OMG! New and creative way for planting. So amazing and fun, very unique idea!

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  4. The simplicity of the milk jugs mounted on the wood board is just elegant.