Sunday, January 23, 2011

shade in the preschool outdoor environment

In the Australia summer our "outdoors whatever the weather" approach bumps up against an obstacle: it is dangerous to be out in the sun.  Shady spots in a playscape are an absolute necessity.

Our preschool a couple of years ago
As thrilled as we were with our whopping great blank canvas expanse of an outdoor area, there was no shade except for the covered sand pit and veranda:

Our veranda area
Our "going free to a good home" gazebo has been a welcome shady addition:  

And like preschool teachers the world over, we are nothing if but resourceful and create temporary shade with what we have available:

Temporary shelters

bush cubbies

Pop up sun shelters

Sheets and fabric
I've been searching the bloggy world for more permanent shade ideas for preschool and thought you might find some of them useful as well:

Natural Shade:

Image:  Tessa Rose Playspace Design

Image: Tessa Rose Playspace Design

Image: Springzaad Creative Green for Children

Image: Springzaad Creative Green for Children
Permanent shelters:

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  1. Some gorgeous shade options. Our local Playgroup has a shaded play area but it doesn't extend to the end of the slide. Meaning on hot days (which is most of them in Brisbane) you can't use the slide because it's too hot to touch. Who designs these things?