Saturday, January 22, 2011

seating in the preschool outdoor environment

Life is busy outside in a preschool playscape.  Kids need somewhere to take a load off; a place to pause or to gather with a few good mates. 

Here is a collection of images of seating ideas for the outdoor play environment:


Wooden stumps

Image:  Earthplay Blog
Image: Springzaad


The Point Preschool
Image: Ric Mcconaghy


The Point Preschool

Seating doesn't have to cost a lot.  Look how inviting an old kitchen chair looks amongst the greenery:

Our kids helped to paint some chairs we found on the side of the road:


  1. The scope and variety of outdoor seats is amazing. I meant to respond to your last pst about labyrinths to say that I've seen seating in a maze pattern!

    For more photos and explanations about seats in outdoor spaces, have a look at my Facebook collection - after seeing the Coombes seat in your post I realise I need to up-date my photos!

  2. I love all these ideas! I hope we can get to the point that we can actually implement some of these ideas in our outdoor area!

  3. You know Jen, I would love to create an amphitheatre, circle type set up for reading etc. outside... but unfortunately our preschool is on a 4 lane divided road!!! There is no excaping the noise of traffic for us. But I am determined to find some way of creating 'quiet' spaces! Any ideas beyond waving a magic wand and rellocating us?!!

  4. All amazing images ... as usual!
    Donna :) :)

  5. Thanks for the lovely post. Sometimes when I travel, I am stunned by the natural seating. One experience in particular, was in Rome. I was waiting for a bus, and realized I was sitting with all the other folks on an ancient ruin!

  6. what a fantastic blog!!
    thank you:):)

  7. Love the tree stump chairs and table. A set like this would be perfect in our backyard.

  8. i always enjoy fantastic ideas of ur blog. please let me know if i can use some of ur ideas in my presentations along with the pictures. excluding children's pics. Thank you May God bless u for doing such a wonderful service to children and humanity.

  9. Karen: I'll put your comment on the facebook page and see what we can come up with :)

    Seema: Absolutely, I'd be honoured and thanks for the kind comments. They make me smile :)