Wednesday, December 1, 2010

when the kids do it better

Do you ever do this?  Sometimes I set up something in the mornings before the kids arrive that I think looks pretty special.  Sometimes I even take a photo of it to post here, in anticipation of how wonderful it is all going to be. 

And then the kids arrive and ignore it.  Or take it apart.  Or carry it off and rearrange it in another location.

Take this cubby for example.  I don't think anyone went near it all day.

As opposed to this cubby, created themselves with some old shade cloth, which had them busy on and off all day:

There was much gathering of materials; conferring over plans; trying things out to see what worked and what didn't.

There were modifications, extensions and fine tuning of details.

Sometimes I need to remind myself not to look at things through my grown up eyes.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that things created with or by the kids are going to engage them in ways that something created by me or another grown up may never be able to do.


  1. How great!! Kids have such creative minds. Just joined your place - Love it :-)

  2. Oh, Jenny, I am right with you. Often the kids will just take what I've planned and make it so much better - better because they did it and better because fits their thinking. Like you, I remind myself to not get caught up in my grown-up thinking too much.

    I love the cubby they created....and yours is good, too. :)

  3. I think your cubby was the inspiration for theirs so mission accomplished! I recently refound your blog, thanks for all of the inspiration :)

  4. I have been following your blog since this summer and I think I'm ready to try my own for my school! Thanks for the inspiration - I find yours very educational and creative.

  5. The Clip Cafe: Welcome :) I hope you enjoy the blog.

    Susie Valdez: Absolutely you should! Let me know when you do :)

    Miss Meril: Glad to have you back!

    Scott: So true. It is actually harder to let them lead than to do it all for them I find.

  6. hee ... hee ... hee ... welcome to OUR world!
    Donna :) :)