Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

We have a couple of festive season traditions at preschool.  Firstly, and most excitingly for the kids, is the tree.  We have a real tree, cut from the property of one of our old school families.  This year it is enormous:

Believe it or not, one of our mums managed to squeeze this into her station wagon.  She drove to preschool peering out through a sea of branches.

The tree is so tall it almost touches our ceiling - and our ceilings are high!

Then comes the fun part - decorating the tree.  Given it's size, this presented some challenges:

A group of children set themselves up next the the tree, churning out decorations at a rate that would put elves to shame.

Secondly, each year our school holds a Christmas kid's market.  Children can choose to set up their own stalls: there is much brainstorming of stall ideas and making of signs:

 I love some of the ideas they come up with:

Preschool had a stall selling gift tags and tree decorations that we have been busy making all week:

One of our beautiful five year old girls decided to have a stall all of her own.  She went home from preschool and worked all afternoon to make these beautiful posies:

And gifts from nature:

 What Christmas traditions do you have at your centre?


  1. Great tree! We decorated a tree for the first time this year. It's packed...and definitely done by 5-year-olds.

    I guess Christmas is on its way.

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  3. Don't you love their decorations Scott! I love how excited they get about the whole process of decorating the tree.

  4. The decorations are fab and hats off to your enterprising child with her made-at-home decorations too.