Sunday, December 19, 2010

farewell to our five year olds

Dear five year olds,

You walked in the mud:

surfed on the mud:

cooked with the mud:

and wallowed in it:

You ate on rocks:

rested on rocks:

and jumped off them:

You dug in the dirt:

You dug in the sandpit:

And paddled in it:

You walked in the bush:

built bush shelters:

and played in the creek:

You played in the rain:

You gardened:

You grew, harvested, prepared and shared your own vegetables:

You wrote:

you painted:

you experimented:

You hammered:

You made secret potions:

and stood in them:

You danced with friends:

You spied:

You hung upside down:

You built cities:

and fairy gardens:

and fun park rides:

You created camps:

and ramps:

and hunted for tadpoles:

You shared a slice of your childhood with us.

We hope you had the time of your lives.


  1. Wow Jenny!!! I'm sure your children DID have the time of their lives! What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing the beautiful journey you and your children have taken together over the past year! What lucky, lucky children they are!
    Donna :) :)

  2. That is a beautiful, beautiful post. Your families are truly blessed to have been able to have you give their children this start in their education

  3. Lovely post, it looks like you had a great year and I'm sure the children and families will be sad to say goodbye!

  4. And I've had a super time reading about their adventures this part year. Thanks for sharing and may 2011 be full of fun too.

  5. What a wonderful post to wake up to. Your children are blessed and from the sound of your post - you were as well. Thanks for impacting the future in such a great way.

  6. Truly lovely post! I want to have all that fun in the mud too! I am sure they will always be thankful for the piece of the childhood spent with you. Kerri

  7. I'd have to put this at the very top of my list of posts from 2010! I hope your families know how lucky they are to have had you as their children's teacher. This is the way childhood/school should be -- In fact, this is how it should be for all of us.

    Thank you for being such an incredible beacon for all of us!

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone - I get a tad nostalgic at the end of the year. We have been lucky enough to share time with some of these five year olds for over 2 years now, and they seem such a part of the fabric of our community that it is hard to imagine preschool without them.

  9. I would have LOVED my child to have spent a year in your environment. Fabulous. Best wishes for 2011.

  10. Great post. Looking back has to make you feel good about all you offer and do with the children, and their learning, in your care.
    I would have loved being part of this.

  11. Wonderful! Your kids are well-prepared for the next part of their lives. You are inspiring to us. (I feel I need to come to Australia just so I can visit you and Sherry & Donna!)

  12. It's amazing, that all this distance away, I can feel your love, passion and care for what you do. The images create a song to go with your lyrics. What amazing work you do. What amazing work the children did.

  13. What an amazing montage of childhood as it should be.
    I still have a lump in my throat!
    I look forward to sharing your adventures throughout 2011.

    Miss Jojo

  14. That makes me wish I was five again. Amazing. I wish I could send my kids there!

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