Saturday, December 4, 2010

edublog awards 2010

Spurred into nominating action by Juliet from I'm a Teacher Get me Outside of Here, here are my nominations for the 2010 Edublog awards:

Best New Blog ::: Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.
If I could only subscribe to one blog, it would be this one.  Sherry and Donna are two Australian preschool teachers who show infinite respect for the children they teach by preparing experiences and an environment full of wonder and beauty.  I have lost count of the number of times in the last year that I have replicated experiences or resources that I found on this "irresistible" blog.
Best Resource Sharing Blog ::: I'm a teacher get me outside of here
When I started my own blog a year ago, Juliet was one of the first people to poke their head up and say hi!  Through her blog she has linked me up to the growing movement of people working around the world to reconnect young people to nature, and to people who value outdoor play for children.  Juliet's seemingly endless list of delicious tags on the sidebar of her blog are my first port of call for research, articles, images or inspiration.
Best Teacher Blog ::: Teacher Tom
I can't begin to tell you how much Tom has motivated me, inspired me and encouraged me to reflect on my own teaching practice.  His posts are personal, insightful and so well written that I feel like I am a part of his small co-operative preschool, even though I am on the other side of the world.  Tom's love of teaching and willingness to follow the child's lead shine through every post.  
Edited to add:

Upon further reading, I think nominations are just for those who use Edublog as a blogging platform.  Not to worry - it's good to sing the praises of those you admire "just because"!


  1. Hi Jenny

    I'm so pleased you've put in some nominations. You don't have to be using edublogs as a platform! I did have a look at this.

    What is interesting is that there's very few pre-school blogs (if any) mentioned in previous years. That's why I made it clear that teachers are the authors of these blogs so that they cannot discount pre-school for not being "proper" educators.

    Also almost all the blogs are about sharing ICT. I thought "What the heck" and decided that the nominations needed a broader range! There's many ways to share and I think there's been a warmth and positivity generated through the mixed use of Facebook, blogs and twitter.

    So I'll be interested to see if yours, Sherry & Donna and Tom's blogs make a shortlist. I hope so. To me, this is what I'm hoping for - a little wider recognition of the role of blogs in the pre-school world.

    Also - what is irrelevant to this award - but very important is that your collective blogs are shared beyond the pre-school world - I love and appreciate all the parents and homeschool teacher-parents who drop by with super suggestions and enthusiasm. And these people blog about children and play and learning too. This creates an important online community of support at all levels and removes the barriers between a school of any sort and home.

    So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And I'm prepared to try again next year (and be a little more prepared to spread the word in mid-November).

    Best wishes and happy blogging anniversary - it must be about a year ago you started typing away.

    Oh yes and thanks too for the nomination - entirely unnecessary.


  2. Your nominations are all faves of mine - alongside your own of course. I'm a mum and my eldest has started kindy this year. Reading your blog has inspired me to give my kids great opportunities and experiences at home - and enlightened me to the fact that she has great kindy teachers because they seem to be of the same mindset as you.

    Ummm.. thanks

  3. I'm flattered Jenny, and sad at the same time that I wasn't alert to this in time to get my own nomination list in, which would have definitely included you.

    I love Juliet's comment. She's right, of course, people often don't really see what we do as education and more recognition of the entire profession is needed.

    Let's all rally for next year! =)

  4. Jenny we had no idea about the "edublog awards". We had never even heard of them before yesterday when Deborah Stewart notified us to say she had voted for us! We actually had to ask people through our facebook page to tell us what they were! (How embarrassing is that?)

    I'm with Tom, I'm flattered that you would nominated us and bloody angry at myself for not knowing about them because i would have nominated you 100% without a doubt!

    Next year I will be the first to put "let the children play" up for nomination for sure!!

    Thanks for being our biggest supporter over the past 15 months Jenny.

    Donna xxx

  5. Hi Jenny, I'm so pleased to have found you. Where are you in Brisbane?? I'd love to visit. I used to teach at Silkwood on the GC (for 10 years) which is a pretty progressive kind of school (formerly Steiner) and now I run 'creativity playgroups' from home for about 24 families, where the children are 1-5 years old. My blog is in case you are interested to have a look. Thanks for the info on the rainbow dyes. I used these years ago for my almost 16 yo daughter but havent seen them around for years! I'll be off to the shop now! Thanks again for your work and inspiration. Looking forward to reading more!!! Amber.