Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a real tea party at preschool

The children had just begun arriving.   My beautiful colleague set the stage for a peaceful and gentle start to the day.

Peek inside the curtains of the gazebo and you will see...

a group of girls kneeling around a tea set, waiting for their herbal brew to cool.

Conversation, sips of tea, the sun, the breeze....

What a perfect start to the day.

It is probably a tiny bit ridiculous just how many tea sets we have at preschool, but when you can pick up gorgeous ones like this for next to nothing at the local Op Shops, who can resist?

We Play


  1. How very GLORIOUS! Lucky children :)

    happy day!

  2. lucky children indeed. seeing those bare feet make me long for warmer days. we're already spending good chunks of time bundling up before we head out!

  3. Looks like an amazing preschool! So impressed!

  4. Princess loves tea, especially just sniffing my more expensive asian tea collection, but her tea set (self painted) is a bit small and just for decoration. I should get to the op shop and pick up some stuff for her, as I know she would like to join in with this.

    A pot of Buddha's Tears, anyone? :)

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone :) It is raining up a storm here so don't think there will be any outdoor tea parties happening today. Maybe some imaginary ones inside..

  6. That is right where I would be sitting too :)