Wednesday, November 17, 2010

eye dropper paintings

Continuing on from yesterday's "potions as art, or art as potions" here is another art recipe that gives kids the opportunity to mix, stir and experiment with colour.

Eye dropper paintings are always a favorite at preschool.

We set out some paint trays filled with water to which the children added red, blue and yellow powdered paint.  

My ever resourceful colleage had scored us some board from a framing shop.  It had a slightly absorbant quality that soaked up the paint drops perfectly.  Squares of absorbent paper towel will work just as well. 

This experience is as much about mixing the colours together using the eye droppers as it is about painting:

Some of the children abandoned the droppers, and used the cotton bud mixers to paint with instead:

And I know it is the process that counts and not the end product, but I think the end products were beautiful:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's art recipe: footpath paint.


  1. They are beautiful!

  2. We sometimes just mix colors and using the eyedroppers or putting the colors on paper is just a small side effect.

    One year I remember a child saying, "We made Coke (paint the color of the soda). Now let's make tea." They love mixing the colors!

    Your paintings are beautiful, Jenny.

  3. I agree ... a beautiful result through a beautiful process!

    Donna :) :)

  4. you can't argue that the end product is FANTASTIC! The process really engages so many skills. I can't wait to try this out with Little M.

  5. Dropper paintings are so fun! Check out these amazing dropper paints called Crosswaters: ... enjoy!