Sunday, November 21, 2010

mixing up perfumed potions with preschoolers

Today's installment from potion headquaters saw the children adding the element of fragrance to their colourful brews. 

Herbs and flowers were gathered from the garden: sweet, fragrant goodness such as lavendar and lemon sage.

Mortar and pestles to grind up the herbs.


Glass jars and bottles of interesting shapes and sizes, each filled with different coloured water.

Stirrers, strainers and eye droppers.

The children's observations and experiments were exciting.

The perfumed potions were delightful.

The mess was less so!


  1. I love this whole potions series, Jenny, but this one is the topper. We're doing this tomorrow. Now I'm off for some mortars and pestles! =)

  2. I spent so many hours doing this as a kid, and its great to see children have just as much fun with it these days!

  3. Oooh, my boys would love to add fragrance to their magic potions. Thanks for the inspiration!