Sunday, November 28, 2010

clean mud: a sensory experience for young children

As we watched the children playing with clean mud it soon became apparent that while it may smell and look cleaner than mud, it is by no means less messy. 

Clean mud is one of the recipes I found on the Ooey Gooey website to feed our preschooles' current love of finding out what happens when you mix 'stuff' together.

The first step is to grate 3 bars of ordinary soap:

Next, tear up a roll of toilet paper:

Mix the soap and toilet paper together with some warm water until it becomes like the consistency of creamy mashed potatoes.  (The quantities used in the recipe would be ideal for a couple of children - just double or triple it as desired).

I had thought that individual bowls of clean mud would be the way to go.  Wrong.  Lets just say that the clean mud didn't stay in the individual bowls for long, so we soon moved things up onto the grass:

Clean mud feels divine.  Soft and warm and smooth and just thick enough to mould:

Naturally it wasn't long before the clean mud found its way off the table top and onto the nearby play equipment.   It added a very satisfying extra "slide" factor to balance board:

And a very satisfying "slippery" factor to the old table top:

Clean mud:  not as clean as the name implies but a whole lot of sensory fun.

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  1. And now I know that washing normal mud out of clothes is not a tricky chore at all! :)

  2. We love this stuff :). I don't think we've ever made it outside though.... Adding to the list for the spring!

  3. I've been saying for months that we must make this stuff ... with just two weeks we'd better get a wriggle on!!!
    Donna :) :)

  4. I have never, ever seen clean mud before. It looks like so much fun!

  5. That does look like some good cclean fun! May have to check how good my soap supply is :)

  6. When we do this, we always make it a 2 day project. The first day to to just unroll the TP into a big pile and JUMP in it!

  7. Wonderful! What a great activity to add to my toddler winter boredom-buster list.

    Teacher Tom, you are brilliant! The unrolling & jumping will be as big a hit as the mud-making.

  8. i NEED to do has been years. that's wrong.

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. I love Tom's idea of playing with the toilet rolls first!

  10. This looks like the best fun EVER!! I think I say that to all your posts I read : ) Will have to hide this one away for next years fun.

  11. We do this often in our Seedlings program at Sunflower. First learned about it many years ago from Bev Bos. Like Teacher Tom says it's always about the process. Lots of toilet paper all over the place. Lots of soap shavings all over too! Our Florida kids pretend it's snow. We have lots of different kinds of graters. I save it for days- each day they find something new to add-sand, color, glitter, buttons and squoosh it like crazy. We let the kids take it home in bags!